Services /Augmentation Mamoplasty

The only definitive method to obtain an increase of the mammary volume is by means of a mamoplasty augmentation. In this intervention, the surgeon places implants or mammary prosthesis behind the existing gland. The positioning of these implants can be done behind the same gland and in front of the pectoral muscle or behind the pectoral muscle. At the time of the examination the surgeon will explain to the patient which is the suitable technique for each case.

In order to place the prosthesis, the surgeon must use several approaches that usually need small incisions. These approaches can be through an incision in the armpit, an incision around the mammary areola, at the level of the sub mammary furrow or, if an abdominoplasty is made at the same time, through the corresponding abdominal incision. The surgery is done under regional or general anesthesia and the prosthesis that is implanted is a silicone stock market of soft tact that can contain saline serum or silicone gel. The surgeon must make the decision with the patient in regards to the type and size of the implant, once the physical examination has been performed.