You must know

What expectations must I have?

It is important to establish good communication between the doctor and the patient so that the surgeon can inform the patient correctly in order to avoid false expectations that the patient might have, the surgeon must never promise the impossible. The patient must understand that these results are not forever and that the durability depends on the physiological and pathological factors that can occur from there on and that the outcome is not only the surgeon’s responsibility but also the patient’s effort of taking care of himself and following all the recommendations given by the surgeon.

What are the proper care that I must take after the Surgery?

After any surgical it is necessary to rest during a time that will depend on the surgery that was performed. Many of these surgeries need the use of compressive strips or bands in order to assure that the skin sticks to the deep tissue therefore avoiding the accumulation of liquids (serums) below the skin. These strips are used for several weeks according to the type of surgery and the preference of the surgeon.

Sometimes it is necessary to adopt certain positions that will be specified to you when getting up by yourself or how to go sleep, to avoid swollen areas. In general patients after a surgery take anti-inflammatory and antibiotics for several days. It is important that all patients have the means to communicate and to locate to the surgeon so that any eventuality can be taken care of within the first days after surgery. If the recommendations of the surgeon are followed the procedure will have the expected results in the majority of the cases.

How to choose my Plastic Surgeon?

A plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic is a health professional that receives special 5 year training in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. He or she must be a member of the Colegio Médico Dominicano (CMD) and also by the Sociedad Dominicana de Cirugía Plástica Reconstructiva y Estética. (SODOCIPRE)

Any procedure of Aesthetic Surgery must be considered like a surgery in all its extension for that reason it must be made by trained personnel, in appropriate facilities, have the necessary equipment, and offer the latest technological advances.

About the Scars. Many people have the misconceptions that because a surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon they will have no scars. This is false, the plastic surgeon has the ability to disguise the scar or even hide it in a natural fold. Of the skin or in areas that can be covered by hair. Whenever there is a surgery there is a scar. Scars can be more obvious in some patients, this varies form one individual to another and includes hereditary factors and others such as race, type of skin, exposure to sun, climate, etc.

These factors can produce ugly, wide scars or keloid scars. For that reason the subject of the scar must well be discussed and be clarified during the consultation since the incision is done ‘’by the surgeon’’, but the scar is own ‘’by the patient’’ although at the present time there are many products destined to make scars and aesthetic a possible thing.

What are the indications for an Aesthetic Surgery?

The procedures of aesthetic surgery are not crucial for living, although they could improve the emotional aspect, social, labor and couple relationship. The main indication for an aesthetic procedure is the desire to change a part of the body that you dislike (i.e. big breast, very bulky abdomen, hung down eyelids). If you feel ashamed of being seen naked by your partner, if clothes don’t fit well.


It is a factor to take into account for an aesthetic surgery. In most of the aesthetic procedures it is necessary for the person to reach a certain age in which maturation and the growth of tissues that are going to be treated is complete. The advanced age is not an absolute contraindication, the important thing is to know the health condition of the person and to rule out any pathology that are common in the elderly, and that can contraindicate the surgery.


The fact of not having had children does not contraindicate absolutely the procedure. Although it is clear that certain procedures, such as reduction and breasts lift and abdominoplasty, are preferable to do as soon as you have the children that you wish to have. Not because you cannot breastfeed after the surgery, but because it is clear that the pregnancies can alter the results of the surgery.


Certain diseases that can contraindicate plastic surgery are poorly controlled diabetes, high blood pressure, repetitive asthma crisis, chronic pulmonary disease, thyroid disturbances, anemia or coagulation alterations, etc. Therefore all patients that will undergo plastic surgery must be very strictly evaluated by the operating surgeon performing a complete medical history and undergo blood work and a full cardiovascular evaluation by a cardiologist. Sometimes is may be necessary to have an evaluation by another specialist (i.e. endocrinologist, pneumologist, hematologist etc.) depending on individual needs. Also it is important to state that the abdominoplasty and liposuction are not intended for losing weight, but to give harmony to the body. Possibly as a result of the diet and exercise that you lead after the surgery you can lose a few kilos. Another important detail is that breast surgery does not alter your sensitivity and that if you have another child you will have no problems breastfeeding.

Why a good image is important?

In the current society, it is extremely important to maintain a good image. The importance lies in the corporal image being translated to many aspects of the life. Once of these aspects is the Emotional factor. It has been demonstrated that those people who are not satisfied with how some part of their body looks can feel ashamed in his or her daily life. Another is the social aspect, according to the confidence and security we have in our body we will develop into a more modern and demanding society.

Sometimes we want to dress a certain way that does not go with our figure, perhaps for that reason we dress in an old fashion way or out of style. From the labor point of view it is important to have a good image and a pleasant aspect because nowadays companies are not only recruiting personnel because of there knowledge but also for their looks. Couple relationship can be affected when one of the members feels ashamed to get naked or to be undressed by the other. This could seriously affect their intimacy.