Services /Blefaroplasty

Within the aging context of the face the first two early signs of aging are the fall of the tail of the eyebrow and the skin of the superior eyelid. In addition to the wrinkles in the skin of the superior eyelids, the ‘’bags’’ in the inferior eyelids and the internal portion of the superior eyelids become evident. In some cases this is clearly a family tendency, and can appear at a relatively early age. This is more frequent to appear at a later time. In any event the surgical correction is recommended before the aging signs are more noticeable.


The intervention is done like an isolated specific procedure or part of another intervention, in general a rhytidectomy. Depending on this, and the preferences of the surgeon, the intervention will be done under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Under the skin and the muscle of the orbicular compartments the fatty contains are reduced suitably to eliminate the ‘’paperless bags’’.


Depending on the tension state of the musculature of the eyelids, the surgeon can also act on the muscle of the orbicular, which regulates the palpebral closing, recovering his normal tension. To traverse of the incision, the skin of the eyelids will be freed, with the purpose reducing the wrinkles or the folds that the patient might have. The incisions are made in a way that can hardly be visible once time has passed. It is normal that in the post operative period, bruises and swelling of the eyelids appear. The result of the intervention is very satisfactory and lasting; in general the bags of the eyelids usually do not reappear.